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Coband Self-adhering sports wrap
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Coband Self-adhering sports wrap high elastic compress cohesive bandage have a combination of a rubber reinforced woven yarns and a latex coating which allows cohesive properties.

Size Color Max. Unwind tension (N) G.W./roll(g) Packing(rolls/box) Remark
2"X5yds Skin 8 24 12  
3"X5yds 12 36 12  
4"X5yds 16 48 12  


    Rubber-reinforced woven yarns provide balanced stretch, compression.
    Opened smoothly and easily, good unwind tension.
    Solid, dependable performance in general use.
    Self-adhering, sticks to itself, no need of clips or fasteners. 
    Quick and easy removal by hand, with no sticky residue.

  Typical Applications

    Sports Medical treatments when injured during sports.
    Sports protect and wound dressings.
    Racing and field sport care.

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